Share your experience

Giving back is one of the most rewarding things you can do! 


CyberWarrior Academy has created a career pathway program that combines vocational lab-driven training with on the job, competency-based experience. Our program provides the knowledge, tools, and certifications necessary to begin a career in cybersecurity.

We invite hiring managers and other executives to visit our class on a weekly basis to talk about the cybersecurity industry, the role of technology in business, and your personal anecdotes and lessons learned on how to achieve success.


We connect students with both security and non-security executives that can deliver impactful career advice. Students benefit tremendously from this window into the cybersecurity world and how they will someday fit into this rewarding career. They also learn the value of networking and slowly build the relationships that we know to be critical to for career growth. You help lay the foundation for their success.

Speaking topics

We encourage speakers to focus on professional development and not dive too deep into the technical weeds. Students already get plenty of that in our program. Suggested topics include: How you entered the field?  What is unique about your organization’s cybersecurity work?  What you have learned about the profession over the years? What advice do you give on landing that first job? What advance do you give in general?  Simply, we want you to share your experience with our students. The goal is to both educate and inspire!