Youth Program

If you are looking for a fun and constructive way for teenagers to learn cybersecurity in an engaging  way, CyberWarrior Academy has a solution for you. 

Live, Interactive, Fun!

Designed specifically for teenagers




Soft skills for life!

Cybersecurity is a –step-by-step learning process. It involves skills many of us already have but don’t know how to apply them. It is not always easy but it is usually fun and you will develop skills that will be helpful in and out of the cyberworld. For instance, teenagers will learn the importance of breaking down a problem and see it from a logical sequence. They will also build decision making skills and team building as they work their way towards a solution. These skills are important in cybersecurity, sports, school…and life.


Critical Thinking



Higher-order thinking 

Discover our initiatives!

Summer Camp

For 8 weeks, we host an online Cybersecurity Summer Camp were teenagers learn about the right tools to learn cybersecurity skills.

After-school Program

An online activity that guides teenagers through cool things that can be done with technology, mainly focused on cybersecurity.

CWA Youth Competition

Coming 2021! This challenge is created to help teenagers apply essential cybersecurity knowledge and skills, and to develop their passion for this field at a young age.


We will introduce our virtual students to the digital world and to technologies that will lead throughout the 21st Century! 


Each course you buy contributes to delivering FREE enrichment programs to underserved communities.

“Our company was founded as a vehicle to drive social impact and economic empowerment. We deliver on that vision by investing our corporate resources into social enterprises that increase opportunity and economic mobility for people of all backgrounds via training, mentorship, and technology.”

– Reinier Moquete

CEO, CyberWarrior

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Why CyberWarrior?


CyberWarrior Academy understands the sought-after cybersecurity skills better than legacy training organizations – we are the industry. We have the credibility when talking to employers and Cybersecurity leaders, agility, and the human capital to be current and relevant. As practitioners, we live the realities and challenges of protecting customers’ sensitive data and critical infrastructure.